About this School

Robin’s Nest Childcare Preschool has been in existence since 1996.

Philosophy Statement

We believe that education is the answer to a flourishing career; it is the key to unlock the door to eternal success in one’s future.  Without education there are great limits to being victorious in society.  It is extremely important to enhance children’s effective communication skills, complex reasoning strategies, and their professional growth.  Therefore, Robin’s Nest Childcare Preschool will focus on meeting the diverse needs of today’s children while preparing them to be productive citizens to lead fulfilling lives.

Our school offers:

  • Computer Stations
  • Potty Training
  • Field Trips
  • Nutritious Meals
  • a Breastfeeding Friendly Environment
  • and much more…

Mission Statement

Our mission is to teach children how to think critically, socialize with others, and use language fluently at a pace he/she is comfortable.  It is our goal to meet the needs of children and families in the diverse communities we serve.

daycare rules

Monthly Meetings

Robin’s Nest Childcare Preschool hosts a monthly PTA meeting and breakfast for all parents.